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July 9, 2010 Friday 10:09:07 PM - Computer resuscitated--early

Glad to report the surgeon released me this afternoon with plenty of satisfaction on his part. My calcium is holding between 9 and 9.2 which is exactly where he wanted it with all my parathyroids are now removed—that is, with two small pieces he inserted in my left arm. I feel I owe some of the details to all of you. As you know this has been a long six-month ordeal with mounting, adding, symptoms that had me in free-all. 


Just before he left the pre-surgical “spa” I was in, I took his hand and said, “Let’s pray.” With a short prayer for God to guide his hand and mind.  This afternoon when he had some time to explain everything, I asked  for a minute-by-minute journey (since he had been there back on August 29 when he pulled out a super gland, the size of a 1” grape, which should have been according to surgical experience and Google would surely be the cause of my troubles). However, this time, looking on the right side of the thyroid, he and his partner searched for 90 minutes and could find nothing, nothing. They were utterly perplexed, even suggesting that they should open my chest to see where it could be. Never in their experience had this happened. But, for no other reason to do anything in particular, he started to search with his finger behind the carotid artery and a few other items I forgot, He couldn’t see anything except the feel of his finger—and then he felt it or something. He pulled on it and there is was another huge parathyroid gland. Quickly zapping it free and cauterizing the connection with something, he had his elusive prize, less the 12 minutes after feeling it first.


I suggested quietly, “Prayer seems to help.” “Nothing else could have done it,” he replied. I am sure that he will write all this up somewhere, or at least lecture. I hope he adds the prayer connection.


Those two pieces in my arm are there to sort of compensate for the fact I have no parathyroids which is not a good thing as some of you physicians know. We will keep close watch on my calcium levels from now on just as we take close watch on my hemoglobin for the last many years. God has made a remarkable human mechanism and remarkable medical men/women who are catching on how to give it checkups. Norma and I have a remarkable medical team, each one I thank with a special letter on my birthday each year.  Apparently they like the fact that somebody cares for what they do.


Anyhow, only liquid diet since Thursday morning, so my Home Angel prepared a light Friday nite supper with mostly oatmeal plus a few fruit and I feel almost normal again. Special extra blessing: I read nothing but the NT from Colossians through the two Peters, each time deliberately thinking that I was living in the first century and reading these letters as they either heard or read them. Really, it gave me a new response and I wrote all over the margins. I wish I could remember everything I read. Or that everything can be filed as soon as I think something. I am sure that some of you have that kind of brain and filing system. I think/know that I will working on all this during the millennium.  Thanks for listening.  Cheers and stay saved, Herb

8 July 2010 Thursday 10:59am - Hooray!

My computer will go to sleep in a few hours and will get resuscitated in God’s good time. Kidding aside, I will be in surgery for my second hyperparathyroidism operation at 1:30 PM. The sooner, the better! Have a great surgical team and connecting physicians and they don’t want to see me so often! Really, my bride and I are blessed. I go to sleep floating on your prayers. Cheers, dear ones and stay saved, Dad, Gramps, Brud, Friend

25 Dec 2008 Thursday 6:12am Peace at Christmas time. At 5:00 A.M., the world around us is very quiet but after nine hours of sleep, blessed sleep, we feel we have licked the jet lag. Just wanted to touch you all the best we can on this day of so many treasured memories, even before any of you were born—just little fetuses waiting to see day light! We know that many of you may feel lonelier today than ever before, deep down inside. How we wish that we all were sitting at the same table on the Star Princess, reliving all the best moments of our lives, sharing our appreciation and gratitude for one another.  But all that may have to wait until we are on the other side!

Have no idea when we will write our year-end letter. Many Christmas cards state they are looking for it as usual!  We are eating dinner at Barbara and Walt’s home, with Helen and grandson, Michael, later in the afternoon. Sort of a pre-wedding event. We will be in Puerto Vallarta Jan 15th to 22nd  to really celebrate their wedding!  After that we will be home for a long time just catching up with our financial world!!

We have said for years that we are now one year closer to our Lord’s return and the indescribable mess the world will be in prior to that wonderful event!  But all that now sounds like mere poetry compared to what is really happening all around us—just turn on Fox News or CNN! With every breath today, we trust that you are telling the Lord that you need His help in every way to prepare us for this galloping future that is charging into us. We all have dark clouds that often blot out the sun of hope and joy; some of you know exactly what we mean. At the same time, like the sailor in a bad storm, he may not know where north is, but he knows that his needle does! That needle is Jesus through His Holy Spirit who can and will today give us exactly what we may need for hope and joy and pure peace that He will work everything out for us, if we give Him our Yes right now. Our mutual text in this house is Proverbs 3:5-8 and we truly could not live without out knowing that these words are precisely what we can trust. Yes, even when the clouds are very low.

Arise and thank Him for your measure of health today, for His promises to take your hand into any of your challenges, and for our family ties and hopes. Love is eternal and that is exactly where we place all of you!!  Cheers!

2 Oct 2008 Thursday 10:16am -  Been three weeks since lumbar stenosis surgery. The surgery seems to have been successful. I have no discomfort in buttocks and thighs as I had for more than a year.  Attended Emily’s wedding in Corona last weekend and all went well. My personal task is to get my legs strong again—not easy to walk around the block! My blood work in all the areas looks great: Cholesterol—99; Ratio: 2.8; Triglycerides--95; PSA—1.4  Will be going to South Lancaster Oct 10-12 to speak at Alumni service.
2.      Norma’s second rotator cuff, now two weeks passed, is going well. Took off her “loaf of bread” harness yesterday. Of course it is still sensitive but she can raise her left arm already higher than she can her right—that was done last February. What a tiger—tries to do everything she can without asking for help, which to me sometimes is ridiculous but that is her way of being responsible.
3.      Thanks for your cards and cheers, means a lot. These are very interesting times. Exactly moving in a grand convergence of unintended consequences that we all know lies ahead. Simply the Great Controversy coming to is predicted head.  Cheers!

4 Sep 2008 Thursday 11:54pm - We are now home after 10 days of an exhilarating, refreshing cruise from SF to Alaska, as far as Skagway and back. Herb saved us the bother of leaving our car at a garage in SF for a hefty price, door to door service! The other half of the EGW Encyclopedia (1100 pp or so) I finished on the cruise—the only time I would ever get so much focus for such an important project. Chip and Judy joined us again and by some kind of good fortune they were upgraded to a mini-suite with their private Jacuzzi, two rooms, etc. Imagine that, a swell Jacuzzi soak on a cruise—nice!!  Alaska weather this time was typically cloud cover with light rain at times.  Victoria was absolutely beautiful with plenty of sun and flowers everywhere.  Sep 11th: I will have my back surgery to eliminate lumbar stenosis. New procedure these days that some orthopods are using called “X-Stop.”  Some say “X-Blocks.”  Not a normal open back surgery that I have had three times already. We shall see. Then a week later, Norma will get surgery on her left shoulder for rotator cuff. The right shoulder still has not returned to normal.  But they both hurt now. We are getting good practice on running a rehab shop here.  It’s a good thing that otherwise we feel refreshed, exhilarated, and most grateful for a wonderful Lord who never disappoints us. Our task is not to disappoint Him.  Courage and peace, to all—you dear ones!

23 Jan 2008 Wednesday 2:26am - It is now midnight right on the mark, but we wanted to register our return from the two weeks away in the Ukraine. It would take a long note to describe our enormous pleasure with the whole trip, including the plane travel on the 777, business class.  What a real treat (using up all our Frequent Flyer Miles did it!). Talked to 400+ physicians and nurses on the first weekend—3 days. And then a week plus at a school/LifeStyle Center. If you all could see the CD they gave me of their improbable start 7 years and then their present circumstances, you might think that someone was using computer graphics to give you a Harry Potter imaginative story!  People like that are not often seen on this planet. They have 40-45 guests each session and they are already booked up through December 2008!  Anyhow, thought you would like to know where we were for the past two weeks. I have close to 300 emails to sift through tomorrow.  But for now, to bed. It is already 10:00 AM, Kiev time! Cheers

7 Jan 2008 Monday 10:01am - Alexey: My bookmaker is finishing the last chapters in my next book, The Fork in the Road. It may be necessary for him to send his work to me through your computer. I have already prepared him for this possibility.  My family members are now being notified, with this email, of your email address in case they want to reach me.   We surely are looking for your smiling face on Thursday. We hope you are expecting a heat wave for the next two weeks, in Kiev City, Ukraine.  Cheers!

21 Nov 2007 Wednesday 11:28am -  We are getting requests about our train ride in 2007—so here goes. We left Roseville, CA, at 10:30 AM on Wednesday morning, Nov 14th. The train stops for about three minutes! The Amtrak California Zephyr 6 is an elegant monster with many, many cars. Our tickets were bought by phone and all we had to do was present them to the conductor who already knew who we were before we met! Took us immediately to our Roomette and off we went on the most delightful wedding anniversary weekend. Roomettes are in the sleeper but we found out there are larger compartments that include a sink, and still larger that include a shower that pours out on a little closet above the toilet! But they all paid much more than we did! We sat across from each other, with a bunk that opens above for one person at night—the two seats fold into a bed. Restrooms are not far away. 

For those in sleepers, meals are already paid for. Frankly, the food was very good but, but, but, the menu is the same every day! For those traveling to and fro from Chicago or even New York—the same menu daily! Vegetarians always have a choice (that’s right, singular) while the carnivorous passengers have perhaps five choices. Dinner companions were always, always, delightful—so much to learn and share. 

It would take many pages to even try to describe the rolling landscape. Even going through the foothills of the Sierra was a new experience because we saw country that could never be seen by auto. And it only got better by the mile. No snow yet anywhere except man-made in one Winter Park, CO. We both think that the time goes exceedingly fast on a train.  We brought magazines and books to catch up with, but we found ourselves simply looking out the window!! Although we did get a lot done that I had been hoping to get at, such as editing my talk that I gave at Andrews University in October, plus some appendices yet to write—some are urging that it should be published soon. We’ll see. 

Darkness rolled over us by the time we went through Elko, NV. But the half moon journeyed with us until bedtime. Trains in the United States are on a different planet than those in Europe—the swaying while walking is far more exciting than an ocean cruise and the noise is something one gets used to.  

Morning came while entering Colorado and we saw towns that we have only heard about all our lives. Truly an unforgettable delight! The weather has been exceedingly glorious, day and night, all the way to and from. In fact, Denver was about the same temp as Lincoln Hills, CA!  

At Denver, Thursday evening about 5:30 P.M., we called the shuttle from the Marriott Residence Inn, which was only 5 minutes away and there we stayed until Sunday morning to catch the 8:00 A.M. Zephyr 5 back west. I know you will all sigh, but we spent the time in Denver eating fantastic breakfasts at the Inn and reading stuff that we planned on, dozing, reading, walking, dozing, reading, walking, etc. Exactly what we wanted and exactly what we experienced!  The Residence Inn is like the time shares we have enjoyed through the years. 

On the return we saw eastern Colorado and the Rockies that we missed in the dark on Thursday evening. Just watching the train go through the circling as we travelled up the grade was an engineering marvel. We noted how often freight trains were sidelines at various intervals to let the Zephyr go by. But then again, we stopped now and then, because a freight train ahead had troubles, sometimes an hour wait!  But in someway, our train kept making up the time loss until we were approaching Roseville. We stopped for a half hour within eyesight of our station stop!   

We can’t forget the superb service and amenities that the crew provided. Some years back, in several trips to Reno with children, we were disgusted with the lack of professionalism and courtesies of these long-time, union-obsessed conductors and car attendants. Somewhere they had been taught how to be customer-friendly and it seemed contagious. We passed out a lot of tips along the way. A lot! 

Interesting also, but possibly because it is nearing Thanksgiving, the long train was full. Some people paid lots more than we did because they bought their tickets within days of travel.  We paid about $650 RT for the Roomette, food included, and a USA TODAY every day! Plus lots of bottled water everywhere in the sleepers. Makes us want to plan another trip some time, just for the relaxation and the charm of seeing new country. 

We are sure that we have left out something that you may have wanted to know. But nothing takes the place of being there!  Cheers to all, wishing everyone a peaceful, wholesome Thanksgiving holiday. One of these days, we will have a Thanksgiving holiday that lasts forever—everyone at a bountiful table that never ends, all of us together!!  Cheers!

14 Nov 2007 Wednesday 8:28am - Just keeping you all posted. Our train for Denver leaves at 10:34 A.M. from Roseville, 33 hour trip. A few days in Denver and return on Monday afternoon. Running out of ideas for anniversary events but something always turns up. In private compartment and meals provided, plenty of vegetarian choices these days, even on a train! Stay happy and stay saved. Cheers!

18 Oct 2007 Thursday 10:47pm - Will be staying at the Campus Center all week for two conferences, especially the 50th Anniversary of the book Questions on Doctrine, which has caused so much divisiveness all these years.   

1 Oct 2007 Monday 11:32am - Had a wonderful, refreshing weekend at old Aurora, IL for their 100th anniversary!  Nothing looks the same. Where there were miles of cornfields, now a glut of freeways and a rash of new buildings, on and on. . . The Papenbergs, Verhaeges, Erds and their children were there. Met Joe and Sue Erd’s 50ish son, named Herbert Douglass Erd. And another man named Douglass because. . . . Southwest Airways has a very quiet policy that people who can give a good excuse can get a pass for early boarding, no questions asked. Sure beats the cattle runs out of A, B, and C. They put us up in Hampden Inn, sheer luxury for us. Next trip, Oct 21-27, will be to Andrews U for the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Questions on Doctrine, Because of my known concern for this most divisive book ever published by Adventists, they have given me two hours on one evening. One thing leads to another it seems. Courage!

3 Sep 2007 - Monday 9:37pm - Arrived back about 3:00 PM after a five hour ride from Jan’s in Bakersfield. Reason for the trip for those who weren’t there, was to speak at Ralph Larson’s Memorial. Been friends for about 50 years—a truly great teacher and preacher with uncanny ability to make complexity, profoundly simple. Wish you all were with us at Rich’s home for a few hours Sat night. Herb, Reatha, Jan, and Viv Sue had Jean Larson for their English teacher at South Lancaster Academy in the 60s which I noted in the talk. Tough to see great and true friends go to sleep until the resurrection.  I am attaching my few thoughts I gave at that time. Love and cheers to all.

20 May 2007 Sunday 1:00pm - My 80th Birthday Party at Marie Callender's Restaurant, Auburn, CA.

20 Sep 2006 Wednesday 3:53pm - As it stands now, a Memorial for Mavis will be on Sabbath, September 30 at 3:00 P.M. on the grounds of Walt Gerald on Coyote Hill Rd, Weimar.   Lots of things to think about these days.  If I did not know about the "Blessed Hope"-- I would be as confused and uncertain about the future as anyone else.  Love all you wonderful people.

15 Sep 2006 Friday 8:36am - Our beautiful daughter-in-law, Herb's wife (Mavis Joy Dearing, b. 29 Jun 1954), died this morning a few hours ago.  This is the quickest way to tell our close family.  Herb would rather not have any phone calls today, maybe tomorrow or so.  Mavis surely fought this to the end with every conceivable tool at her disposal.  Herb and Mavis and girls are a very close family unit.  Please pray for peace and a sense of the Big Picture to flood this grieving family.  Life is very transient but really only a bump on the road to forever.  Bless you all. Cheers in the Lord! 

7 June 2006 -  Trip to Pasco, Washington: we leave tomorrow, Thursday around 10:00 AM and will be back Sunday evening.  This is a small, self-supporting school that has been graduating remarkable students for the past 15 years.  Very low tuition because they run a work-education program with their studies and the greenhouses, etc., pay off the expenses.  Anyhow, they are finishing their school year and combining it with a health emphasis weekend.  Two presentations are "Never Been This Late Before," and "How Come We Are Still Here?"  Sabbath afternoon I will give my regular talk on the "Purpose of the Adventist Emphasis on Health."  It surely must be more than helping people to live ten years longer.  Lots of good programs do that.   Maybe we will get some cooler weather.  Cheers!

19 May 2006 - Truth Matters  should be in the ABCs next week--I have mine.  I think you will like it. We are taking a spin Sunday (21st) via Ft. Lauderdale for a week cruise to western Caribbean with a week of Alamo rental plus four nights at two Ramada Inns--all for $850 for both of us, plus tax, etc. Too much of a Scot to pass it up.  Cheers!

02 May 2006 - We will be leaving here Wednesday morning (3rd) for Nampa and the PPPA where I will check out the cover for Truth Matters, which will be on the press next week and discuss another book with them, then on to Pocatello, Thursday night;  back home the following Friday, the 12th. This trip is one of the most relaxing ever.   Hope to spend a day or two in Yellowstone next week when the animal babies are running around, we hope. Amazing Facts will publish Never Been This Late Before sometime this summer.  Always more fun if our gang traveled with us.  Cheers!


22 Mar 2006 -  As you know, I just returned from the Southwest Chapter of the General Youth Conference (GYC) at Collegedale --1500+ attending. Here is the report from the first GYC in Australia. Now you can see the power of truth in the land of great theological turmoil. When young people especially finally hear the complete, unadulterated, "everlasting gospel" they respond as starving, thirsty human beings. Enjoy! Cheers!

20 Mar 2006 - Most of you already know, Norma's and Helen's mother, Evangeline Theriault Campbell Collier, died Sunday morning at age 101. I got back from Tennessee last evening. It has not been easy, especially during the past four weeks. When the girls hear that Mother had a turn for the worse about 15 times, it wears on them. I have never seen a person waste away as she did--literally, skin and bones. But she recognized us very close to the end. The last time I had prayer with her, "I said, Jesus is still holding your hand." Then, she said, "Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit is holding my hand." I think those were the last words she said to anybody. The memorial service will be Sunday morning at 11:00 in the Meadow Vista Church. We are asking for no flowers and if anyone wants to remember her in a tangible way, we suggest a gift to Amazing Facts in her memory. She would like that. I am hurrying now to the funeral home. Cheers!

02 Oct 2005 - Left Thursday and returned Friday afternoon. Funeral Director said that it was the largest funeral he had seen. Police cars everywhere because Bo was a member of department. Made quite a procession through the city. Zip's body just got tired. It actually was a celebration of a great life, a very one-of-a-kind life and I made the most of it. The next face he will see will be Jesus. Phyllis is a great mother and loyal wife. No one could miss the fact that Terry, Bo, and Greg loved their Dad. On the way home, I read a book I have been trying to read for weeks--one that I am referencing for the book I am now writing. So the trip was bittersweet, reminding all of us that we are fragile travelers on the road to forever. Cheers!

Nazareno "Zip" COSIMI, 79, of Bayonet Point, born December 28, 1925, died Tuesday, September 27, 2005, at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. He was born in Leominster, Mass., and moved to Florida from Lancaster, Mass., in December 1979. He retired as the owner and operator of N. Cosimi and Sons Construction in Lancaster and was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Port Richey. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Phyllis L. Cosimi of Bayonet Point; sons, Terry L. Cosimi of Orlando, Cary D. Cosimi of New Port Richey, and Greg J. Cosimi of Marysville, Wash.; and five grandchildren. Funeral service will be held 11:30 a.m. Friday, September 30, at Dobies Funeral Home, Hudson. Burial will follow at Grace Memorial Gardens in Hudson. Thomas B. Dobies Funeral Homes Hudson Avenue Chapel Hudson.
Published in the The Tampa Tribune TBO.com on 9/30/2005.

28 Sep 2005 - Just to let you know, I was able to switch my classes at AFCOE to today so I can leave on Thursday for Florida for Zip Cosimi's Friday funeral at 10:00. It will be at a funeral home in New Port Ritchie but I don't know which. Their home address is: 8707 Arrowhead Drive, Bayonet Point, FL 34667. Will take an afternoon plane back on Friday. These are more than interesting days. Gloomy if we did not have the Adventist hope grounded in Scripture. The next face Zip will see will be his Lord's. Cheers!

27 Sep 2005 - Zip Cosimi: Our old buddy died this morning after two weeks in the hospital. Surgeons wanted to do a by-pass but his white cells stayed too high. They took out the heart pump yesterday and he seemed to do better all day until this early morning. Earth is a dreary place when we look at certain realities but the next face Zip will see will be Jesus. We have talked by phone each Sabbath morning for years, always ending in prayer. He was one of a kind! We talked about watching another football game in January when we go to Chip's for Christmas. Now, that is one special way to watch a football game--a running commentary better than John Madden. We had send them flowers yesterday just to show them our support. Funeral will be Friday but I have no details at the moment of anything else. Love to all!

16 Sep 2005 - We are now back from a marvelous trip to Montana.  Weather beautiful all the way!  What a country we live in!  Got a note from Mavis while we were gone.  What a cheery picture all this is.  Cheers!

5 Sep 2005 - Leaving for Montana Tuesday morning. We stop in Pocatello, ID, at a great motel with a free, warm breakfast! Should be at Donna's about 2:00 PM depending on when we get up Wednesday morning!  We plan to be home in the evening of September 15. The weather will be either 80-90 degrees or rain and cold--we can take our choice. Love ya, all!

24 Aug 2005 - click here for photos from recent vacation on Cotton's boat

19 Aug 2005 - Home Again! All weeks go by fast these days but none faster than the last ten days.  We spent four days on Cotton's boat, tooling around the San Juan Islands.  Weather could not have been better, clear blue skies and warm temp.  Other days full of just plain talk!  Precious people. We make the trip in two days but could be done in about 14-15 hours (like we used to do trips!)  Will be spending August 26-28 in Bakersfield with Jan.  Viv and Emily will meet us there also as we help celebrate Viv's birthday--I forget if she is 42 or 62 but who cares!  Cheers and joy always!

1 Aug 2005 - The week in Collegedale reminded us what humidity was always like!  Meetings went well. Lots of thoughtful young people out there besides the grey heads.  Had old-time waffles on Friday evening at Reatha's.... On Sabbath a big dinner for all at Leo and Bobby's home, just across the driveway.  Leo is holding his own since his stroke.... Will be home until the middle of next week when we make the journey up to the San Juan Islands....Keep in touch. 

23 July 2005 - We will be leaving early Sunday morning,  July 24, for Collegedale SAU and returning the evening of July 31.  Cheers!

19 July 2005 - Home Again! Marvelous weekend in old Illinois at the 134th anniversary of the Sheridan church.  Many of those whom I knew were only in grade school then!!  Spent some hours at the Chanute Airfield in Rantoul, always a fascination for us.  In a hurry... 

2 July 2005 - GC July 3-10th. We are leaving at 7:15 AM Sunday morning and returning, we hope, at 6:22 PM on July 10.  Wish you all a great week, meeting and surpassing all your expectations.  

15 June 2005 -  Alberta.  We will be leaving by plane on Thursday, June 16 and returning Monday night, June 20, for a campmeeting of great farm and oil folk.  North of Edmonton for several hours.  Temperature will be in the low 60s, if that!  Leaving for General Conference for the last four days, leaving July 6, and returning July 10.  May be the last time I will see the old-timers--five more years is a long time. Am doing research on three items at once (you should see my floor!) 1) Feast Days--a hot and divisive topic; 2) Prayer of Jabez--a weird best seller; and 3) What is right and wrong with the Purpose-Driven Life and Churches--an incredible phenomenon winning churches over by the hundreds every month.  Wish I had a pill for 4 and 6 and 8 hours sleep, with no hangover!  Work on this for me!  The cancer on the back of my hand has been removed (squamous) and healing remarkably well.  Courage and peace to all, so much affection to our children, HED

17 Dec 2004 - Christmas Letter 2004

16 Nov 2004 - Celebrating 30th Wedding Anniversary with Norma!

3 Nov thru 7 Nov 2004 - We will be in Keene at Southwestern Adventist University on Wednesday, Nov 3rd evening to Sunday, Nov 7th.  Have a chapel talk on Thursday, a Friday night meeting, a Sabbath sermon somewhere, and a talk on Sabbath afternoon.  Sponsored by the EGW Research Center

7 Sep thru 27 Sep 2004 - We leave September 7 for England and the cruise to the Baltic and St. Petersburg, Russia, our dream for many years. Back home on Sept 27. 

5 Aug thru 8 Aug 2004 - At Cincinnati, Ohio, for the ASI (Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries) 51st Annual Convention.

18 July thru 23 July 2004 - Seminar Speaker at Oklahoma Campmeeting; Sunday thru Friday, 1:30pm - 2:45pm; PowerPoint presentation "God at Risk, and Ellen White, Do We Still Need Her?"  Oklahoma camp meeting is held at Wewoka Woods Adventist Center, located about 3.5 miles out of Wewoka, Oklahoma, on Highway 59.

28 May 2003 - Dr. Douglass fell, broke his hip, and injured his neck on Wednesday, 14 May; surgery was performed on Friday, 16 May (his birthday!).  Dr. Douglass was released from UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, on Monday, 26 May, and is recuperating nicely at home.  

31 Jan 2003 - Dr Jean Zurcher died today.

25 Oct 2002 Moved from Colfax, CA to Lincoln, CA.  

23 Aug 2002 - Bob Reynolds (b. 1917) died. Never recovered from his ruptured colon.  Bob died in his NH home and was cremated. We will have a memorial service, I hope on Nov 9 in Loma Linda. but that is not certain because Bea has to figure that out.  Part of my life is gone.   Restful Sabbath, everybody.

19 Jan 2001 - Prayer Request for Dr Jean Zurcher in hospital



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