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Touched With Our Feelings: A Historical Survey of Adventist Thought on the Human Nature of Christ, by Jean R. Zurcher (1918-2003).  
 Published in 1999 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD.
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In this study of the nature of man, Zurcher examines the biblical doctrine of Christ's human nature. Carefully tracing the development of the doctrine of Christ within the Adventist Church, Zurcher maintains that the glory of our Saviour's successful mission to this world is enhanced, not diminished, by the fact that He triumphed in spite of taking all the liabilities of "sinful flesh."

A Remnant in Crisis, by Jack Provonsha (1920-2004) Published 1993 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD.

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Servants or Friends: Another look at God, by A. Graham Maxwell.  Published 1992 by Pine Knoll Publications, Redlands, CA. This book is about a God who values nothing higher than the freedom and individuality of His people. He has even said plainly that He prefers to treat them not as servants but as friends!  Jesus' offer of friendship in John 15:15 is the basis of the title that has encouraged and strengthened many to take another look at God.


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